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With years of experience and a team of skilled HVAC technicians, we install hydronic and forced air systems to ensure optimal comfort and indoor air quality in your home. We work with leading brands to deliver energy-efficient and long-lasting solutions for your HVAC needs. 

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We complete the installation and maintenance of heating and cooling systems including furnaces, boilers and air conditioning systems to provide efficient and reliable temperature control systems for both hot and cold months. Our team members are on call to service down machines whenever necessary. 

heating & Cooling

Complete system installation

water & sewer

water heater replacement

furnace replacement

Proper ventilation is crucial for maintaining good indoor air quality. Our HVAC professionals install ventilation and air quality systems that remove stale air and introduce fresh outdoor air, contributing to a healthy and balanced environment.

ventilation systems

Our HVAC team is available for routine maintenance and repair to ensure your heating, cooling and ventilation systems are operating at peak performance, and to address any issues that may arise during operation. 

system maintenance and repair

Let's discuss your heating and cooling needs and determine what would be the best option for your commercial or residential property.

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Providing quality construction services
from start to finish


Utilizing heavy machinery to develop construction build sites, establish driveways, and create optimal landscapes through trenching, grading, and erosion control.

Offering the installation, management and repair of both residential and commercial heating and cooling systems to provide an optimized indoor environment. 



Providing complete construction services, from site preparation to foundation work, framing, and beyond, we take care of the intricate details to ensure a smooth and efficient construction journey.

our expertise

Providing efficient and reliable plumbing systems to ensure the proper functioning of commercial and residential water supply, drainage, sewage and gas systems within properties. 


Recent projects

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Eagle River, MI

new home construction

historical home renovation

Calumet, MI

Custom Home Build

Jacobsville, MI

Three Seasons Porch

Lake Linden, MI

-Margret & Paul

RHC built a garage and two separate additions to our original cottage. We found the crew to be extremely dependable and hard working. They were creative, connecting the additions to the original structure while being mindful of traffic flow and storage space.

They completed our projects within our budget - while still meeting our needs. We would definitely recommend them and will call them for any future work or repairs we have.


customer satisfaction


We were extremely happy with the vacation home that RHC built for us. They communicated with us through every phase of the project, which made us feel confident in the work that was being done. Their team worked very quickly and kept our property in great shape, which we really appreciated! 


customer satisfaction


RHC got me out of an emergency situation when our water heater quit working on a cold night. One of their guys came out as soon as I called for assistance and did a great job on the replacement.


customer satisfaction

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